🌶️ My New Habanero Plant! 🌶️😋

in food •  3 months ago

A friend just gave me this little habanero plant. I am super excited to watch this little guy grow. I LOVE spicy food, I am hoping this plant gives me some super spicy peppers! Yesterday I noticed that it is already starting to grow little flowers! It seems to be growing fast!






Do you like spicy peppers? How spicy do you like them? 😉👍

Have an awesome day!



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@acromott How nice the habanero plant looks... It's delicious to feel that touch of spice in food because it gives it a spectacular flavor. The flower is very binite. You will almost be able to enjoy the dense fruit of the habanero. A big hello. I love that spicy feeling.


Thanks! yeah I am looking forward to getting some yummy spicy peppers from it for sure! :)


@acromott It's going to be nice and tasty to eat.

You preform so well on Steemit acromott. I am glad you are around. Developing the culture of Steemit and showing your followers how to do well is great! Keep trucking man!