* * *Jamaica's national dish Ackee and Saltfish * * *

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I have always liked to be in contact with the real cuisine, to taste its flavors, to know its influences, and Jamaica was not the exception, for that reason when I was on that island, I have been making some interviews around the island, through different places like Papine market, Pelican Restaurant, Bikkles, street vendors and in those places, I have been tasting traditional dishes, drinks and deserts. For example: I tasted the Jamaica's national dish Ackee and saltfish. The first time that I tasted that dish was, when I went to Pelicans Restaurant in Montego Bay and it was very good. The first thing I noticed was the yellow color of the ackee fruit, it was a mixture of textures, because the ackee had a mushy texture, and the saltfish had a slightly gummy texture. This dish is usually served with rice and peas, and a vegetable salad.

Ackee and Saltfish

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