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Today I will show you how to make "sweet and sour sauce". This is a dish I do very tasty, I'm sure the people who do my way of cooking division will feel satisfied. These are the pictures I took when I was cooking. Everyone look at offline!

  • Dry onions
  • Fresh onions
  • Molasses (if you do not have molasses, use honey and sugar)
  • Lemon
  • Chilli
  • Pepper
  • Fish sauce
  • Salt, main noodles, ..
    ===>Let go!!
    ➡️Step 1: Boil the pork ribs. You need to boil up because pork is now very dirty.
    ➡️Step 2: You put the pork ribs in the pan to fry gold
    ➡️Step 3 : . You put the molasses in the pan, add the lemon. Stir well until the molasses turns yellow red . ( Look at the photos) .You chop dried onions and put them into the pans containing molasses.
    ➡️Step 4 : You must be quick and do not skip this step. This is the most important step to decide whether your dish is successful or not. You pour water into half of the pan. Pork ribs are fried in, you add spices salt, main noodles. Fill until the water is dry. (You should always pick up after the stove off, because the heat of the gas stove will make black molasses molasses)
    Thank for reading ❤️
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Nice post.... follow back


Okay. Thank you ;)

YUM! Now I'm hungry haha


It yummy. Thank you 🤗

Yummy 😋 Thank you for sharing @a-alice just give you up vote


Thanh u. I have upvoted u❤️

Funny I always wanted to know how to make this. Thank you :)

Looks incredible.


Thanks good friend😊❤️

My fave dish, thanks fur sharing.


Thank u 😋

This looks great! Thanks for sharing this meal with us! :)


Hi @selenanunu
Thank you 😋

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Thanks 😋

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Thank u ;)

Looks yummy. Are you from Korea?
Thanks for sharing this.:)
Keep cooking:)


No, I am Vietnamese and I like cooking. Thank you for your interest! 🤝


Keep cooking Alice!!!


Thank u ❤️

What a wonderful recipe! It looks mouth watering good! Thanks for showing how to make it 😊


You should try, eat very tasty. Thank u 🤗


I will try it! I just looked at the picture again oh my!

Woah! That came out looking Amazing 🤤 👀
Great job @a-alice

Check out my Jamaican dinner I made

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Thank you @kamalee 😄