How to make sticky glutinous rice cake ^^ by Alice

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Hello everyone ^^
While the world fights the coronavirus pandemic. People should stay home unless there's an essential reason i recommends washing your hands immediately before you eat, after you’ve used the restroom, and after touching surfaces
Please take care of yourself my dear.
I have been away from school for more than 2 months. And I will continue to miss school because of this crazy epidemic. When I was at home, I had more time to make cakes. This is a good time for me to rest and learn how to make many kinds of cakes. It takes 5 hours to made 80 cakes. Let’s get started! ;D


Cooking oil, onion, flour, banana leaves, salt, MSG, seasoning, Gac oil






How to make a cake :


Banana leaves serve many purposes in Asian cooking, The banana leaves have culinary uses just about everywhere ^^Banana leaves are used because they impart a unique aroma and flavor to the rice,.
Use this guide for all these banana leaves uses:

  • Step 1 :Cut into the desired sizes. Wash and wipe the banana leaves in the same direction as the veins to avoid tearing them. Pass them carefully over the low flame of a gas range. This is an important stage, the leaves will wither and soft, so it's easy to pack.

  • Step 2
    Chopped meat and chopped fungus and peanut.
    cut it up and fry in fat with lots of onions you have cooked beforehand. Don't forget to add salt and spices !!

  • Step 3 : To form the pie shell, roll the dough on a floured surface into a round.Put the filling inside. Crimp rim with fingertips and knuckle.
    Apply the oil to the banana leaves

  • Step 4 : Cover the filling with the sides of the leaf, fold over the ends, and secure with string to form a package. Place enough for one serving in the center of the leaf, then fold like a handkerchief to make a square packet.



  • Step 5 : Then, place the banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice in the steamer basket.
    30 minutes later, we are ready.^^


Let's put Gac oil in cake to make it more beautiful.
Enjoy it :


Have a nice day !!!

Made by @a-alice


Bh thay steem bằng hive ag

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Đúng ròi. Để nguyên đi. Vì nó sẽ nhân đôi. Nghĩa là c vừa có steem vừa có hive. Khi chuyển sag hive dc r thì bán steem

Just curious. Your material doesn't state rice / rice flour but the title said rice cake. So, you still need to use something like glutinous rice flour, right? which is what the white powder is, I guess.

Glutinous rice or plain rice can make this kind of cake
But in my article. I use glutinous rice. (Of course, you can add some plain rice)

Ah... thanks for the clarification.

I think this kind of cake has
in Southeast Asia. it's correct? 😦

Personally, I've not seen this before but we have rice dumpling made with glutinous rice and inside could pork and mushroom.

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