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RE: A Foo Review

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Thank you for your review about FOO Jackpot. You were rewarded with another 555 FOO for this post.

The game has just started out and new features will be added on the go. The basic concept of the "2 hour rounds" was to have players "compete" with each other and to try to overbid the tickets of one another. I understand that this doesn't make sense for you right now, because very few people are playing at the moment. But this can give you the chance to grab "free" tokens now. Maybe as a next feature we will add a list of players with the most tickets in the current jackpot to make it more competitive.

We still have a long way to go, but this is only the beginning (and dark mode will come for sure). More uses for the FOO token will be added in the future and we have many other cool things on our agenda.

Thanks again for your review about FOO Jackpot and stay tuned.


Thanks for the reply.

I hope my review didn't come off too negative, I know you are just starting out and there is likely more to come.

Did you see moonsteem when it was active? I thought they had the right idea with the chat, lively presentation, and short game times.

Best of luck with the FOO :)