#Ulog 4 II Reaction to the Live session on Steemgigs Discord held on Saturday.

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Today's tag is about


That means.

Too much fomo equals mo
mo=missing out
Terry Ajayi

Today I am gonna share my reaction to the live session held on Saturday.
And it was about #fomomo. So here it goes.

Why learning is important?

Last year I went to the residence of BRAC’s Education Director with my father. He was a great man. He was a wonder to such kind of simple person like me.

Anyway, In his house He told me to open his Almira’s front drawer and told me what these are?

I said, ‘book’.

Then he told me to open upper drawer and told what these are?

I said, ‘book’.

Then he told me to open right & left drawer and told what these are?

I said, ‘book’.

Then He told me to see next cupboard, his living room, his son’s room.

I saw in everywhere there are spread-out books and books.

He told, what are you thinking?
All these books I kept here I didn't read them?

How many books you are seeing here, I read all of these books.

It was a big experience in my life.

It was clear to me that, as I am seeing this successful man here, all these books were the reason of being successful.

Like that, through a lot of example I can say, who or those read a huge amount of books became highly established.

This is one of the secrets that many people doesn’t know.

In our Quran it is clearly mentioned that, ‘among you who knows and who doesn’t know, both are not the same.’

So, our duty is to know from who knows.

Books are obviously a better way to know.

Why you should join to steemgigs live session?


After books, you can move to blogs, web sources, any video, any live sessions, or a seminar etc.

Main purpose is to know and understand.

One thing I don’t understand, when we are wanting something earnestly then why we don’t want to dedicate ourselves to know and understand about the matter?

Anyway, the thing that I was saying about, we have to learn from who knows.

Like that to know, learn and understand, I was attended, in a live session.
He used to arrange this live session every Saturday.

Though I missed previous sessions cause I didn't know it previously. Till now I just got only two live sessions of him.

Its true I didn’t clearly understand the first live session much. But in the next live session I got some estimated ideas. Like this I am improving. I hope from next live sessions I will be able to take more clear ideas.

Here, it’s happening like that He knows and I don’t know.

He is informing and I am learning from him when I also want be extend myself in this platform of steemit.

I need to know a lot of things those He is cooperating to learn and teach.

Anyway, the person whom I talking about these lot more thing, He is our favorite Sir, Terry Ajayi.

Who is also known as @SurpassingGoogle on steemit.
Sir is working with some projects like, #ulogs, #untalented, #stemgigs. Anyone can be a part of them.
All these projects are like giant. Those who are randomly being hopeless and turning around this platform of steemit these projects are light of hope for them.

If you don’t do any study on #ulog, @surpassingGoogle or @steemgigs you will never be able to understand how you will be benefited from these projects.

You have to raed some old blogs about #ulog @surpassingGoogle or @steemgigs . And nyou will definately need to know the history.

As our Sir, @SurpasingGoogle says,

history is a major part in steemit success.

So, for your personal success you have to know the history.

You will need to read some posts related to #ulog, #steemgigs.

You can do google to read some old blogs on #ulog.

To be a successful on this you have to watch videos on youtube those our Sir uploads on his own Youtube channel.

Most important thing is, You have to participate on the live session of steemgigs on discord.

Then hopefully you will get some ideas.

Anyway, last Saturday we was in the live session. A lot of people were in the live.

Sorry, I cann’t mention all of them. But here is a list of participants of live session those I can memorize a little.

@sn0white @maverickinvictus @mermaidvampire @atongis @el-dee-are-es @alzamna @purpletanzanite @dynamicshine @samic @bloghound @wakkylyon @glenyosores @czera @fycee @snook @dynamicgreentk @chibuzorwisdom @abdulmanan @leeart @dotman-art @Cinderz @nexrules @bloghound @japfive @autofreak @donnest @kahawenz

from Bangladesh: @sherbanu @mdshahin786 @intisar @afrinsultana
@sabab @faiyazmahmud @sifatsarkar

Its really a beautiful place.

Coming here will make your heart happy.

You can be from any country, any age, white or black come to this live session. Listen, what sir says. You will really be fascinated. People who are continuously participating know this better. How a place can be so friendly and a place of fun you will never be able to understand if you don’t join here.

Philosophy of sir @SurpassingGoogle is not only discussed here after the main discussion, people can share their opinions, no matter how low skilled of English speaker you are, you can see, people are doing fun here, singing together and supporting each other.

Our Sir, all #uloggers are waiting for you to welcome you.

Here are some examples of the live session, just few chatting marks. Full live session is coming soon.







Join us and have a taste of knowledge, fun and support.

On my next post, I will write on the live session, what really happened there and what I learned and how much I have enjoyed on that live session. Before Sir @surpassinggoogle arrived on the meeting we had a mini discussion. @Mermaidvampire shared her own speech before main discussion took place. I will also share them.

Till then, be happy, always keep smiling.

Thank you.

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Wow! happy to see my name :)
yeah, it was a great experience :)
It was the first time i talked to this much people.
It will surely boost my confidence :)
Can't wait for the next week.


Ha ha.

Yes, its the reality.

Live sessions just boosts ourselves.

Those who are randomly being hopeless and turning around this platform of steemit these projects are light of hope for them.

This is true and even much more because this hope is also making your light shine brighter and make you fly beyond your fears.

Keep being "human" and "awesome"


Thank you for your wonderful comment.

Yes, and its the beauty behind the #ulog.

Wow You are doing well . Best of luck for the future.
By the way I cant wait for next talk show



Already started missing the next show.

Every episode of the discord talk is another time of learning and sharing. Expressions of "humanness" and shining, it helps you discover yourself and the light that you are. Your dreams and how to build and rehearse them.
Every time you join its a whole new experience...thanks for sharing

And also @sherbanu is my friend...I'm sure Bangladesh is a great place.



Great bro.

I just got different experience from previous session.

Its definitely a place of beauty.

Thanks for using my service

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Its really fun to be a ulogger


We didn't get that fun previously.

No option except learning! Nice presentation. @irak... Welcome to the world of dream #ulog #beliketerry


Yes apu.

No option.

No any other options except learning.

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