Finally i have joined your talkshow @surpassinggoogle

in #fomomo6 years ago



I heard it ended 10am in the morning! Steemians were singing but the highlight was @surpassinggoogle own version of browneyes! Please sing at one of my events terry!

I slept

Its all of those singers fault and the comfort feeling around the talk! I didnt even realize it but i wish you guys can share more energy to me.

My takeaway

In summary my takeaway from terry @surpassinggoogle is simple, that steemit shouldnt be about money only ***it should be about you! ***

Once again you did a great job enlightening people with your words and influencing them to strive to be a better version of themselves each day. I know its hard but God will bless you for all of this


Congratulations to the organizers @mermaidvampire @sn0white @maverickinvictus you may not realize it yet bit youre helping a man that can change steemit for the better.


It is important to the Uloggers as it is important to Terry as each one is giving each other inspiration and energy to continue.

A community like no one else. Thank you for your hard work.

Youre helping peoples lives and thats commendable!

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