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Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my follower list has slowly dropped. About a month ago I had over 1760 followers and it was slowly growing. But since then I have sat and watched it slowly ebb away. I now have (as of writing this post) 1746 followers and it got me thinking why??

Here are my thoughts on that:

  1. With the downturn in cryptocurrency in general, steem and steemit has seen a slowdown in use as well. Perhaps this slowness has resulted in people moving away from the platform and deleting their accounts, hence the reduction in followers?

  2. I have offended people with my posts (as I sometimes do in real life) and people have had enough and dumped me from their follow list.

  3. My content is utter rubbish and people are sick and tired of reading my crap each day.

  4. I am posting too much content (I try to post everyday) and that is too much for some people and they are sick of seeing my wonderful posts in their feeds on a regular basis.

  5. Some people who followed me for some unknown reason when they first came to the platform have seen the error of their ways and are cleaning up their follow list and feed.

  6. I farted at the wrong time and offended the Gods and they have punished me by taking away some followers.

  7. All of the above.


I think it is probably a combination of some of them but I don’t really care. I have a core set of followers and people who support me and that is all I can ask. After seeing the ups and downs of this platform over the past 12 months, nothing really surprises me!

How are your followers going...... And do you really care!

Thanks for reading!

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I'm still following and reading you buddy, keep it up. Not many can claim to post every day and I know the struggle to keep things fresh.

Kudos from me. <3

I care more about my follows than my followers, oddly enough.

Its not you dude, i believe its bid bots following you in hope you'll use their service.

I've had you followed since the beginning scooter and your blog is awesome, keep going and dont get discouraged bro.

Cheers @cheech-oz. I really appreciate it. I might not respond to comments too often but I always lie to upvote a good comment.

some of those possibilities are funny. i realized i am also one of your followers and i have not given up on you yet. i also noticed a couple of followers going away but i have seen it in the past. my best guess is that some people are using services that offer auto follow back and maybe there are some services that unfollow if you dont follow them. i have not seen any such service but if its not there yet it will be. i maybe adding that functionality to my own app that i use for steem.

Yeah, there's lots of bot following/unfollowing. The bots are getting really tiresome tbh.
I'm looking forward to the resource credits in hf20. Hopefully the bandwidth cost for a lot of these activities will hamper their efforts.

I agree I’ve see a big drop but that could be because I’m a slack prick who can’t force myself to do a post at the moment. I’m especially suffering from the farting and offending not just the Gods but anyone within sniffing distance . I suspect I need to cut back on the beans and cabbage.

I was wondering where you'd gone.

My guess is a combo of bots and number 5. I wouldn't take it too personally.

I never take it personally!

If I unfollow you will you take it personally? Maybe I will. See what happens...

I wouldn’t take it personally. I know you would have a reason and I would respect those reasons. It would be disappointing but....

Urgh. Well now I can't do it since you've gone all "sad scooter" on me.

Probably those annoying "resteem service" things constantly following and unfollowing. I don't get (or want for that matter XD) notifications for the unfollows on busy but have noticed the same account/s constantly following me over and over with the same stupid wallet message. They can keep sending me 0.001 steem to be completely ignored XD

The other things are also possible too, but probably to a much lesser degree ;D

Agree with what everyone is saying about bots. For a couple weeks there I would post and pick up 20 or more followers a post. But none of them seemed real. I had no interaction with the accounts. No upvotes. No comments. No resteems. Several of those follows have begun unfollowing. Which if there is no interaction anyway... who cares? ☺️ There are some “real” people that have vanished though. (By vanished I mean they have stopped posting and commenting). I am hoping they are just having fun filled busy summers. ☺️

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None of the above

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