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I've been on Steemit for about 28 days now and yesterday I surpassed 100 followers! A lot of you are probably, thinking "100 followers", PSH that's ain't nothin'. While that may be true, I'm still very pleased with hitting this milestone and happy with the progress I've made thusfar in Steemit. This is my first blogging experience and so far I've exceeded my expectations. Steemit is a revolutionary platform and I'm glad I was able to join while its still up and coming. I truly appreciate the support from each and every one of you!

To commemorate this milestone, I'd like to start with my first Chill Vibes "series".

Chill Vibe of the Day: Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey) by Macklemore

I really enjoy listening to music. I like to meditate and really try to get into the music. The most important factor I consider when listening to a song is the "vibe" of the song. I interpret the "vibe" as the emotional state the song tries to transfer on to the listener solely based on the instrumentals and musical tones (not the words). The vibe of the song is much more important to me than the lyrics. Lyrics are definitely a secondary consideration when I listen to music and if certain lyrics strike me, it's just a bonus for me.

The combination of good vibes and good lyrics can produce emotional feelings that I have only experienced through listening to a song that I really enjoy.

UPLIFTING is how I would describe this song in one word. I found this song to be a good fit for this post and my entrance into the blogging world. And in terms of vibes and lyrics, this song is great in both aspects.

Below are the starting lyrics to the song:

You know I'm back like I never left (I never left)
Another sprint, another step (another step)
Another day, another breath (another breath)
Been chasing dreams, but I never slept (I never slept)

I got a new attitude and a lease on life
And some peace of mind
Seek and I find I can sleep when I die
Wanna piece of the pie, grab the keys to the ride
And shit I'm straight
I'm on my wave, I'm on my wave
Get out my wake, I'm running late, what can I say?
I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave
And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name
So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?
Did I look out for the people or did I do it all for fame?
Legend, it's exodus searching for euphoria
Trudging through the mud to find the present, no ignoring us
Got 20, 000 deep off in the street like we some warriors
My mama told me never bow your head, woo!

I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It's who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious


Congrats on the 💯 !!!

Love me some Macklemore. I’ve been a fan of his since his “Heist” album. “Downtown” and “Thrift Shop” always got the party going for me haha! He used a lot of jazz and blues beats on his old album VS. a more piano & chill beat on his Gemini album. Whatever he comes out with, I always tune in! 🎶

Agreed. Macklemore is great, I got a few others song by him I'll release in my chill vibes series in the future. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the comment @kigea! I'll continue to try and create useful and entertaining posts for my followers.

Awesome job bro :)

Thanks @tedwang! There's so many more apps to explore...

Congratulations! I'm always following your posts, you're doing a great job

Thanks for the support and encouragement @sanoza! Glad to be here and will continue contributing. I'd like to work my way up to a post a day.

thanks for your information, I am very fond of and useful to me. Thank you very much

Appreciate the follow and support! Look forward to more posts to come!

Great post! Come with me!

Appreciate it @grisotti! Hope this trend continues and I pick up more and more followers. Steemit FTW (for the win)!

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Congratulations! I always follow your post, hopefully you are always successful and in blessing

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