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One guy lives in Myanmar. He never used the Internet and he doesn’t know what it is. The difference between some countries in the level of Internet access is enormous. For example, in Denmark, 100% of the population use the Internet. In Finland and Norway, 90% of the population has Internet access. In Greece, 60% of people have access to the Internet. In Pakistan, 24% of people have Internet access. In Myanmar-6%. In Ethiopia 0%.

I love to travel. I had to visit Myanmar once.

Without access to the Internet
Hotels and cafes in Myanmar have Internet. In the hotel where I stayed Internet access cost $ 10 per day. Wi-Fi wasn’t there. I was provided with wired Internet with a bunch of wires.You could get lost in them. And the speed in the external world out there at 550 kbps. You can understand that the locals can not afford access to the Internet. The largest banknote is approximately 50 cents in their country.
The problem of Internet access is not only in Myanmar. Many people in developed countries cannot afford to access the Internet.

Many Wi-Fi networks in some establishments are closed to a wide range of individuals and users cannot get free Internet access there.

The number of Internet users in the world is 3.5 billion people. People are actively using the Internet and their number is growing. The number of Internet advertisers is growing. However, most often such advertising does not find its target client and is ineffective. The reason is the opacity of the market and the presence of intermediaries. The advertiser does not see transparent and accurate statistics.

World Wi-Fi. Be online!
It is a decentralized platform that works with the use of blockchain technology, the participants of which are advertisers, owners of routers and consumers of the network. It is a global free network.
The company plans to make Internet access free around the world. Access will be completely free around the world through advertising.


  1. For users-free Internet access around the world
  2. For owners of routers-the ability to monetize the free volume of Internet traffic ( Getting tokens CE for ad impressions)
  3. For advertisers — the ability to effectively advertise at the lowest prices (the Ability to choose the target audience, as well as the ability to obtain 100% reliable statistics on ad impressions. The history of impressions will be stored in the blockchain and cannot be changed).

Before you connect to Wi-Fi users will need to view a short video with advertising.
You can find step-by-step instructions for the user, the owner of the router and the advertiser on the official website of the company.
The company has developed the most convenient interface for all participants.
The internal currency of the site is the WT token. With the help of a token, advertisers will be able to pay for advertising, and the owners of routers will monetize the volume of traffic.

This is a unique project. First, everyone will be able to get free Internet access via Wi-Fi. Secondly, the owners of routers get a good opportunity to earn. Third, it is a great opportunity for advertisers to place ads on the network through private routers, for its target audience with the ability to obtain statistics. Welcome to the global world of Wi-Fi!




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