Hello, I'm new here. In steemit :)

in follow •  2 years ago

Picture 468.jpg
me and my husband

my miracle baby was born 550gram
picture 549.jpg
picture 555.jpg
picture 621.jpg

3 years old
5 years old
9 years old

all the family, children and grandchildren :)
the family hobby :)

if you like this follow me and i will follow you.It would be wonderful if you would share this, I will talk more about the miracle and the family :)

read about our miracle daughter

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wow what a story. all the best to you.

Thanks for the wonderful reception and beautiful coment. Have a wonderful weekend :)


Great post, my sister was born 400gr and went down to 380gr the following days.. she is 16 years old now and despite several ear/eye surgeries in the last years she is doing pretty well.
Enjoy your time and smile on ;D


This is an amazing story! have a blessed day

Wow! What a story :)


wow! interesting :)

good story mom :*

Thank you for the progression showing your little miracle! I grew up in a large family. I have 15 nieces and nephews and they are an awesome gift. God has been good to you and your family!

Super nice story about your family. Welcome to Steemit.

Wow, this shows that you Always have to believe, and see, it went positive. Very nice to see that you could join together everything in life. Live Life !!!

Glad to see your miracle baby turned into a beautiful healthy daughter berlind. Welcome to the community!

Veru nice
Mother Nature
I love it
Love for you and your family
Especially your child❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤
Salute for you 👌👌👌

Welcome. Congratulations on your miracle girl!

You have a lovely daughter.

My niece is a freshman in college right now but she was born in 1995 and at only 25 weeks gestation. She fit in the palm of your hand. Now she is a grown woman of above average intelligence. Her mom spent every waking hour with her praying for her to live. And she is beautiful. I would share a pic but my sister-in-law values their privacy. Sorry cause I want to show her off. Sigh.

Hi Berlind... Welcome to the Steemit community. Nice family you got there. God bless all of you. God is always with lovely people. take care..

Hello there. Welcome to the community. Nice family you got there. God bless all of you. :)

She's so pretty :)Thank you for sharing your story and adorable family photos!

It's simple amazing how well you're family get along!

Having the same hobby and all? Blessed! You definitely have my vote and following


... you'll get used to the password

Welcome to steemit! Have a great day!

welcome to steemit. Nice family, hope to see them more often here haha. have a nice day.

Your miracle girl is truly a gift. Love more posts like this. Thanks. 🐓🐓

is nice to meet you and your family..!!

You have a beautiful family. ❤️

Congrats to all of you!

Hi, welcome! A incredible story

welcome to this great community! you will have a good time here!

you have!!!beauitful baby.i love babies & you are welcome to steemit.

Beautiful family

A cool happy family, blessings on you all

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Oh what a miracle!

Thanks for sharing this!

Hi, nice miracle. I am following you.

u're welcome princess u have a nice family and nice lifejust enjoy =) u only live once

Amazing gift you have and nice family. You are more than welcome here.

I am new in steemit too. I have to tell my story soon. :)

welcome to steemit community

wow that awesome , welcome to steemit family ^^

wow! it's greate story
i am a steemit new user,help me


bonita historia

just saw today your post, Good and nice wishes for you and your family

I was crying at the beginning, & now I am smiling ^^
You look 27 years old : )

Very encouraging! And a great family you have there, many blessings to all of you, have fun together. :)

Miracles are everywhere and glad you found yours... It's wonderful.. Much love..

Welcome to Steemit

wow !!
moving story

Lovely family

Glad to see you actually

god bless you and your family

hi. great family and the miracle baby! She really looks fragile and i feel like holding her myself..!

an up vote for you, follow me and i am following you

welcome to this great community

Wow. Amazing story😊 thx for sharing.

my Cousin Was Born 2Kg

Wow what i just saw a really happy and fun loving family. Bless you to be happy and prosperous always. i just upvoted this post. :-)

this is great, can't wait to move to state.

nice family

You are very similar with your doughter)) Good Luck!