Squasholiger: Fearsome Critter

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Again, this is one of the more adorable of the fearsome critter bunch. The Squasholiger propagates in well taken care of gardens. In fact, for the first weeks of its life, man is unlikely to think it is anything other than a very large squash variety. Round and green in color, the squasholiger blends well with its surroundings, looking something like a zucchini squash.

Until the creature begins to slowly grow four legs, a mouth, and eyes. The piece of vine they grow on eventually becomes their tail. When their tail separated from the vine, they then wander off, leaving the gardener to wonder where his prize squashes have gotten off to.

The Squasholiger never wanders too far. It is said they stay near to the gardens in which they were first grown, developing a symbiotic relationship with its environment. Squasholigers subsist on insects, so it benefits the gardeners that they eat the bugs that would otherwise destroy the fruits of their labors.

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Ahaha this one is amazing. I love it how the vine it grows on eventually becomes its tail. I wonder if rabbits and deer are a natural predator for the squasholiger? Rabbits love garden vegetables. Seem like they might mistake these for a real zucchini.

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I wonder! I'm sure that they must have some predators. In our garden it was the squirrels we couldn't keep out of the squash, but I think the squasholiger is supposed to be larger than both rabbit and squirrel.

Scary sounding. I hope I don't find one in my yard without insects to keep it happy

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