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Dear friend,
What is that vision you can see now, what is that goal you have set for yourself, what is the picture of your future you can see? There is a price tag on it. Don't expect it to come for free. It might not be easy to get there, but if its worth it then believe it and go for it.
What are you planning to give up for that dream of yours, is that dream of yours worthy of every other sacrifice in that area? Is that dream big enough to sustain your happiness in twenty to thirty years to come? Remember you must dream big, aim at the sky at least if you could not get there you will surely get to the cloud. Refuse to scratch the ground as chicken, you are meant to be an eagle destined to soar.

Joseph, the son of Jacob is a name that sticks strongly to the tongue of men when it comes to living to fulfil ones dream in life. He was a man that will ever be remembered for his victory both in the Pit, in Portiphar's house, and in the Prison. He was a model of a man whose dream cannot be aborted. Friends, remember this anytime, anyday that if you don't terminate your dream, no one else could do it.

So i googled and did some research on Late Benson Idahosa and i will conclude this writing with brief history of this great man of God.

Late Benson Idahosa of blessed memory was born into a poor pagan family in september 11, 1938.
He was a very sickly infant, as a result of his constant illness, his father ordered him to be thrown into the dustbin when he was only eighteen months old, and he was left on the rubbish heap to die.
He was rejected by his father, sent to work on farms as a servant and was denied education until he was fourteen years old, yet he arrived at a glorious end in life. He never allowed his past to determine the extent of his achievement.
From a dustbin, he became a renowned man of God. His vision was one of the driving force behind his success, he has his eyes in the future, and he stopped at nothing until he got there.

He had all the reason to fail, considering his background yet there was not one reason good enough to make him fail.

Final conclusion.

Dear friend,
You really hold the key to that glorious life you desire. No one really believes Idahosa could succeed, but he believed in himself. He believed he could attain whatever height he desired if he perspired towards it.
Take the bull by the horn, you have the power of choice, make the right choice and unlock the reservoir of success within you...
Good morning and Stay blessed...
Believe in yourself And you will be unstoppable....

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