Community Update #5

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Welcome everyone to the second community update of 2019.

In addition to the snapshot and payout details, we’d like to give you more info on the work we have done to upgrade the service as it also impacted on our spending.

Over the last two quarters, the team worked on major architectural changes to drastically improve how handles the exchanging process across different blockchains.

From the back-end:
• Mirroring system & trading efficiency
• Privacy improvements
• Cryptocurrency node reliability upgrade
• Block processing algo upgrade
• Transaction limits and liquidity system improvements
• Alert system improvements
• Emergency refill system
• Wide system upgrade to latest OS version and programming languages packages
• New coins support
• Better support for Bitcoin family coins
• ERC20 funds manager
• Tools to reduce customer support time
• Affiliate program distribution backend
• Affiliate Partner panel frontend

From the front-end:
We have been putting a lot of love and attention to details while improving and polishing several aspects of our exchanger app and website, along with the inclusion of new features that will hopefully help everyone have a way more comfortable and efficient experience with

Improved keyboard navigation
Advanced users will notice it’s now possible to operate completely using the keyboard.
Pressing [TAB] you move along the exchange fields to fill them in, and pressing [CTRL]+[ENTER] (Cmd for Mac), the exchange order will be initiated.
What are you waiting for to do your fastest crypto exchange?
Check our youtube channel to see how blazing fast one can be by using the keyboard.

Improved UX behaviour
Now it’s clear which field is focused, which helps a lot while controlling the exchange using the keyboard.

Add support for URL parameters
It’s now possible to initialise the form by using URL parameters. This means you can create buttons and links with a URL to preset the exchange field values like sources and target coin as well as destination wallet.
Use your creativity for this tool to be the most convenient for you. We are going to publish the documentation on the blog.

Improved internal mechanisms and API calls
This will reduce the chances of your order being slow to execute with exchange and let you flyp more fluidly. Go ahead! Now you can flyp a lot more and better.
You are welcome to test everything and report anything you might consider wrong.

Having launched more than two years ago, we believe we have done a good job at keeping our operations lean while never compromising on the quality of our service and its underlining technology. Throughout the crypto winter, we distributed quarterly payouts and today we keep that promise.

Thank you to everyone and be sure to spread the word about!

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