Envelopes Delivered, Placeholders Created, Ready For The Plot Twist - Episode 1743b

in #flynn4 years ago

Flynn is in the spotlight once again, Mueller played his next card and made a move, used ammunition. Trump predicted this before it happened with a tweet. Comey is not cooperating in his second hearing. Schiff makes a move on Trump, they need to look everywhere, but they are not concerned with [HRC] email, fake 302s, etc. Enveloped were delivered to all the players, get ready for the counter. Get ready for the plot twist. Looks like there is peace talks happening in Afghanistan.

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Unfortunately, I think a lot of what you're saying here is mostly wishful thinking, and it makes for a good story. However, none of what you are speculating shows any promise of ever happening. I could listen to one of your podcasts from a year ago, and everything that you say would sound exactly the same, except for the minute details have changed. I don't think that Trump is as smart as you think. After all, he hired Sessions, who turned out to be a turncoat, but even a deplorable such as myself could have gold you that Sessions is NG for the attorney general spot. The new attorney general coming in will be no better. Another thing that I personally think: Trump doesn't have the balls that are needed to fight the DS. We keep hearing from sincere people like you, "Oh, next month the S hits the fan", or "this May is when everything comes to a head and the DS goes down", or "this coming November something big is going down with the DS", or "just wait until Veterans Day, they'll all be rounded up and arrested", etc..., etc... I think that we will slowly all come to the realization that Trump just doesn't have it. Yes, he knows what's going on and who rules this wicked country. The fact that his enemies are really not afraid of him shows that they smell blood. Trump will eventually be defeated, and America will continue down the slide of a police state. I don't even think that the so-called patriots of this country have the courage to fight back. Trump has been trying to fire them up for the last few years, and yes they elected him, and then they went ahead and gave the House over to the traitors. Look what they are already doing in NJ - unconstitutionally grabbing the guns, and all anyone does that doesn't like it is talk and complain. So much for tough guy Jersey, the place that I hail from. Here's my conclusion: Trump doesn't have the balls and neither do the so-called patriots. Now you say in your podcast, at least I think it was you, that, "wait until after the New Year, like Jan. 2, the S is going to hit and the DS is desperate. Remember Dec. 5? What happened? Nothing. I'll make a bet, come the New Year and weeks after, I say we'll be hearing crickets. As O'Reilly used to say, What say you?

Do you all think the deep state is not watching this show❓🤨

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