Then we shall battle in the shade!

in #flyingbolt3 years ago

The battle of the Spartans versus the persians is one of my favorite battles of all time.

Spartans are such a warrior ideal to strive for.. They teach us so many profound things about life.

Studying them provides a glimpse into a simple, but hard life.

Spartans lived about as hard as one could imagine. The lifestyle of these warriors was absolutely insane and they had amazing results and brotherhood to show for it.

As a small force, they defeated far larger enemies with horrible odds.

Sheer will, grit and wisdom was what they used to fight their battles.

One of my favorite ideas from the Spartans is about their defense against the massive Persian army:

A scout came back after scouting the enemy and said that the Persians had so many archers that when their arrows were overhead, they blocked out the sun.

A famous Spartan replied: Good, then we shall have our battle in the shade.

Ensuing humor in the face of great danger and challenge is one of the cornerstones of warrior culture - especially of Spartan warrior culture.

It's one of the things that we could all use more in our lives.

Next time you hit the gym, think about adding some humor to it... Put yourself through some extra sets and extra reps and make some jokes about how it's hard af but it's an important challenge.

That's what I've been doing lately!