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Crypto currency have come a long way and the important advantage of cryptography and blockchain technology are debatable yet the dangerous point of figure alteration has not yet been attained. So, what averts extensive use by patrons and retailers.

Now, here’s precisely where Fluz Coin comes to instantaneously solve all these competences.


Fluz coin developed a new system of Ai powered coin governance which reins instability and bids a healthy obligation route for coin pouches at the same time last group. Blockchain technology allows loose coin to afford high speed connections and a cost free situation for the retailers. A team of established amni channel retail and world-class machine learning manufactures have originated composed to carry Fluz Coin to the preliminary mark. They have also collected a group of high status business and theoretical bests to confirm the correct operative of the procedures based coin governance concluded Fluz Coin foundation. With this stout setup, we foresee Fluz Coin charming a stand for retailers to upgrade their own coins.


ERC-20 Fluzcoin token will be fashioned through the token group event. After Fluzcoin Blockchain takeoff, funders will be capable to change ERC-20 Fluzcoin Token for Fluzcoin on Fluzcoin Blockchain, 1:1 equivalent. EUNOMIA procedure will start employed on Fluzcoin Blockchain only.

Symbol : FFC

Total Supply : 3,223,000,000 FFC

Tokens for Sale : 2,120,000,000 FFC (~65,78%)

Public Pre-Sale startin g: 29.06.2018

Public Sale starting : TBA

Price : 1 Fluzcoin = 0.1 USD

Token unlock : 1 month after ICO ends


Token Distribution.png

Though the original objectives will be in attentive markets, the apparition is to produce an liberated global currency. Retailers are requested to join in the ICO and are incentivized for early pledge. Post-ICO retailers will join based on current market situations. For the opening ICO, 3,223,000,000 ERC 20 tokens of Fluzcoin will be created : 65.78% of the coins are planned tobe sold with the remaining 34.22% distributed as follows:
• 12.04% Bonus coins for ICO participants ;
• 9.31% ICO marketing and Post-ICO merchant incentive coins and consumer airdrops ;
• 3.29% Team and advisor coins ;
• 3.29% Fluz network rewards coins drawing right ;
• 6.30% Fluzcoin Global, Inc.


Fluzcoin will offer its private wallet to supply, sell, buy and pay with Fluzcoin at retail through applied QR code skimming. Commercial Fluzcoin wallets will offer dealers with the needed bookkeeping input to merge Fluzcoin payments.



● Only important parties legalize dealings
● Zero-fee dealings for consumers
● Discretion for customers
● Freedom for wholesalers
● KYC Agreement for traders
● Tradeable
● Business panic
● High quantity
● Lenience for great Blockchain files and indexing.


Big internet companies and others financial sectors are signing up daily in Fluz Fluz app . So, from your thought, don’t be late. Sign up first and don’t miss the chance.




Nov 2017
Idea shaping

Jan 2018
Idea sharpening and preparation

Feb 2018
Whitepaper, concept refining, and backtesting

June 2018
Start of retailer onboarding process

June 2018
Start of private placements via ERC20 Fluzcoin Token in selected jurisdictions and selected audience; patent application

Aug 2018
EUNOMIA Foundation Representatives positioning

Aug 2018
Fluzcoin ERC-20 Token market introduction

Start of retail use of payment

Dec 2018
First batch of Quorum Fluzcoin with AI coin governance


It’s a great news that over the ICO the silent supply Fluzcoin ERC 20 tokens are allotted and tokenholders are capable to return their hopes about future retail approval of Fluzcoin within the free price fluxes of the Fluzcoin ERC 20 token. The token affords the efficacy of extra renovation into Quorum based steady Fluzcoin under the mechanics.


As the world is so competitive, the world is not waiting for anyone. Hence, the supporting companies of the world will always be there. The functional service they will provide. In this circumstances, the Fluz Coin is serving as the retailing management, that is really wow. It will shine very fast. In the next very few years, this will be the top places in the crypto currency platforms.


Website : https://fluzcoin.io/
Whitepaper : https://fluzcoin.io/docs/Fluzcoin_Coin_Sale_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fluzcoin/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fluzcoin
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/FaUXnVJkE62Onj6NcXuiPw
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/fluzcoin/
Medium : https://medium.com/@fluzcoin

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