Life Like a Flower Petal

in #floweslast month

Life, a flower petal, soft and fleeting,
In the garden of time, where moments are meeting.
Gentle as dawn, with dew-kissed grace,
A tender whisper in a bustling place.


Born from a bud, in the cradle of morn,
Blossoming bright as the day is born.
Sunlight dances on silken skin,
A delicate beauty, a wonder within.


Each petal a story, each color a dream,
In the tapestry of life, a vibrant scheme.
Fragile yet strong, in the face of the breeze,
Swaying with the rhythms, at ease.


Through seasons of bloom, and times of fall,
Life’s petals flutter, standing tall.
With each gentle curve, each subtle hue,
A glimpse of the soul, pure and true.


Even as time tugs and whispers of change,
The petals hold memories, tender and strange.
A dance of existence, in nature’s grand play,
Ephemeral moments, drifting away.

Yet in their brief span, such beauty they bring,
Life, like a petal, makes hearts sing.
A part of a flower, a part of the whole,
A delicate fragment, with a powerful soul.

So let us cherish each petal’s embrace,
In the garden of time, with gentle grace.
For life, like a flower, blooms then departs,
Leaving behind, the fragrance of hearts.

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