Keukenhof in Holland, one of the world's largest flower gardens

in flowers •  8 months ago


It's just gotten warmer, so only half of the park has started flowering. If you wait a little, more flowers will come out of hiding!

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Looks good! will go in a few weeks I think, will post about as well,
how is the South of the Country treating you?


I love the south, hehe. I stayed in Nijmegen and Den Bosch for most of my trip last year, and this year I'm freelancing in Eindhoven + staying in Tilburg so it seems like there's a magnet pulling me there! I'm actually in Estonia now, doing the Baltics for a couple of weeks. We have to meet when I'm back in May!!!


Enjoy your time! May is a really nice month here, just let me know when you are back.
Dont know much about the South to be honest.

Spring is in the air 😊
They look so pretty, so many beautiful colours @somethingrandom 😍 btw i love your name and the story of how you ended up blogging on steem, random!. Not.
Wishing you a wonderful day

@somethingrandom this isn't random: this is exquisite!!!


Awww thank you!