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Got stuck at the train station today for a bit. To pass the time I obsessed over some orchids they had there.

I have one of these orchids blooming at home right now. They have a nice bold veiny pattern and seem to bloom easily every year.

Here's a color combo I haven't seen before. I like the smaller inner white petals contrasting with the outer purple petals.

I have one of these at home as well, though it only seems to bloom every other year. This looks like one of the years it won't bloom so at least I can see it at the train station lol.

Here's a color combination I see quite a bit at stores. I can't remember if I have a veiny color combo like this at home or not.

I think the one I have has purple veins in the yellow unlike this one with the solid yellow petals.

These splotchy ones are pretty cool. Its like someone spilled purple paint on them.

Here's one of my chocolate orchids blooming at home. When the sun hits them they smell just like vanilla and chocolate.

Here's another one of my orchids that is blooming right now. This plant has bloomed each year in January on the spot. Very reliable.

My big white orchid blooms each year as well usually by late december.

Here's my big fancy vanilla smelling orchid that has only bloomed once. Its been two years since it has bloomed like this. I might need to take it to a greenhouse to get it to bloom again. It lets off quite a bit of aroma as the flowers are huge.

Here's another one of my orchids that bloomed last year. It is putting up a little stalk right now so hopefully by next month it will look like this again.

Last year it put out quite a few blooms.

Here's my standard purple orchid the same one that is at the train station. I'll have to see if it is putting out a stalk yet this year...

Early next month the orchid greenhouse nearby will be hosting an open house event. I'll definitely be posting alot of orchids from the show soon. There are literally acres and acres of orchids all blooming at once there.

Crazy colors in all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps this year I will finally get one of the cup shaped ones. But these look like they require pro care.

I tend to like the more fragrant ones though, these ones smell similar to vanilla and lemon. The blooms are huge as well.

This one has ears. These cup shaped ones have no fragrance at all but they look really interesting.

Another eared variety with praying mantis colors.

Here was one of the acres that wasn't blooming at the time. Maybe this year this wing will be full of color.

There's a section of the greenhouse where they show the best specimens. Hopefully this year will have alot more varieties.

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Wow, awesome collections of Chicago Orchids blooming flowers.

A welcome winter sight.

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Amazing collection of orchids in your house!

The nursery looks huge!

Yeah i have too many but each year I end up getting more lol. They should invent a netfix for orchids.

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You are a nut case for orchids!! LoL

Yeah I might need to give some away to make room for new ones.

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wow! what a feast for the eyes

Can't wait until the orchid show this year. There's three different shows to see next month.

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Nice botanical photo essay

Thanks, should have more material in a couple weeks since three different orchid shows will be happening at the same time.

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beautiful flowers :-)

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Thanks, they are good for brightening up the winter.

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You planted all of these orchids? Amazing!

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I just collect a few here and there (around 10 right now), most are from an orchid greenhouse nearby. If I had more room though i would have more than 10.

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How I would love to be there!! Wow...

My chocolate Oncidium is in bud now too :) Not many flowers, but I am glad anyway :)

Yeah last year i accidentally knocked a bunch of buds off mine pretty delicate.

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I never know they could grow so well in Chicago.
The open house will be interesting.

The cold seems to trigger them to bloom here. Also the dark gray skies are good for them.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Wow! I never realized the startling variety of orchids. Praying Mantis orchids. Cupped orchids. Absolutely beautiful. Pictures are so evocative that I'm enjoying the fragrance :)

Yeah i wish i took pictures of their true names lol. I have to give them nicknames based on their looks lol.

These flowers are really nice and so is the photography

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