A little sunshine in a covid 19 spring

in #flowers2 years ago (edited)

20200514_131952 (2).jpg

This whole Covid 19 mess has taken it's toll. Our store has been shut down for nearly two months , but I did manage to get some overdue projects done.
Never the less it gets a little depressing being stuck home. Today, I was having a melancholy moment when I peered out into our back yard.

20200514_132012 (2).jpg

The little barrel cactus I rescued a couple years ago and posted about, sprouted a bright yellow flower.
I figured somewhere during it's life, it might bloom, but I had no idea when or what color the flowers might be .

20200514_131956 (2).jpg

It brought smile to my face and brightened my day!

At 5:20 pm our grandaughter came home and we took her out to see it, but it closed for the night.

20200514_171741 (2).jpg

20200514_171800 (2).jpg
Tomorrow will be another day.

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