Wildflower series ~ Stamvrug

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Another weird local plant, this tree grows directly out of the rock. It's rather stunted because of it, but it survives fire in this way and the other odd thing about it is that it grows masses of flowers and later, fruit, directly on the branches.


The flowers are small nondescript little balls that smell like honey. The flowers smell strongest at night and I often come home after 10pm from working night shift and my front yard smells amazing. Before I knew where the smell came from, I kept wondering if there was a nest of wild bees nearby. Flowers that smell strongly at night are probably pollinated by moths and it's strange that this tree doesn't attract bees very much, despite the smell.


The fruit are very tasty although they are mostly all seed, they are similar to litchis and very high in Vitamin C. The lumps and bumps on the branches are the scars of old flowers and fruit. The branches are full of flowers this year and I hope that means that there will be many fruits this year. Last year, the rains came very late and the tree hardly bore any fruit. This year, it has been very windy, which usually means that the rains will be good and start earlier rather than later. I'm hoping so.

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You were lucky twice - an excellent smell + edible !!!
For the first time I see such a plant!
Thanks for the photo, I'm waiting for new interesting plants !!


I'll have some new weirdos soon :-)

Nice flower photography, great photographer

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Cool Weldone branches of flowers

It reminds me... the one my mum has in the garden... I keep forgetting the name...
But I have a winter photo of it!

blue tits tree 3.jpg


Interesting. I never knew there were other plants that did this. Off to Google to find more!


Found the name!
Sea Buckthorn!
Not the same I guess..


No, but it is an interesting plant

It's really interesting.


I think so

What an amazing tree, nature is incredible.


For sure, these are a particular favourite of mine

And your good shots, excellent work, brother.


Thank you

Amazing how different nature can be around this little old world.


Never boring!

Interesante. ¿Cómo será el sabor de esos frutos?