Summer's promise; a bleeding heart

in flowers •  6 months ago

Summer has been very slow to begin here, but it doesn't stop my flowers! I have many perennials in my flower beds now, which means they come up without seeds each year. Many will need to be divided and placed in new beds or given away once they are done flowering. Perennials are very hardy and low maintenance and often thrive in depleted soils. If you like lupins a great place to plant them is in gravel, they are so picky you probably can't get them to grow without the depleted rocky soil they prefer. Another great thing about perennials is how quickly they spread, it won't be more then two seasons and you will need to divide your original planting and start a new bed or go to a plant swap! I prefer to do the latter as you can find such a wide variety of different plants like hostas, nasturtiums, succulents, iris, and lilies.

This picture is of a bleeding heart nasturtium, I divided it last year and it still seems a little angry at me for disrupting it. I probably took too much, live and learn as always!


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Thanks for the comment, wish I could see it!

I love bleeding hearts they are so beautiful, I planted a few here a couple years ago but they never came back :(