It's good to be back

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Even after a week of visiting Denmark, I had come to realize that it's best to be back at home among my flowers in the garden...

On the plane from Copenhagen @organduo tried to guess what my mom would have made for us to eat (she always does this after our travels).

I said chicken breast and @organduo - meatballs...

While my dad had picked up @organduo and me from the airport, my mom had made us both meatballs AND chicken breast. At home I ate one piece of chicken breast and @organduo - some meatballs.

Then I also wanted some meatballs, looked at the fridge and... they were all gone.

Guess who ate them all?






Maybe it was Dietrich with Cornelius who ate your meatballs?

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Do you think it's OK to pick on smaller creatures than yourself?

It's not the size that matters...

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Your flowers are spectacular. You have green fingers, I think :)

Your mother knows your tastes so well.

Thank you so much for your donation to Artstorm this week :)

You are most welcome:)

These photos are spectacular my friend, what a beautiful garden you have! The story you wrote was so funny, and what a wonderful mom to welcome you home with some delicious food, very sweet❣️

Thank you, friend. I'm glad you like my flowers and my story. My mom loves to cook. So @organduo and I get chubbier every day:)

Ha Ha ... you are lovely looking my friend! I love to see the photos of you and @organduo. Your such a good looking couple, and it’s a blessing to see how you work together, and what a wonderful life you have❣️

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