Pink paper flowers

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Dear Steèmians friends !
How are you ?
Apa kabar ?
Peu haba ?


at this time, I want to share a photo of a paper flower, which is pink, of course flower color paper, many have colors, but this time I want to share pink paper flowers, because I like the color pink

of course in our lives have the personality personality that will be determined by his own, this flower I found when I was visiting my friend's ailing house, soon I saw there are flowers in his house, and the flower is a paper flower that this pink color, Then I tried this flower photos using my own camera smartphone, and this is the result is very satisfactory not


this pink paper flower has a bud that is in bloom, Nantian beetle that will suck the top of this flower, That's why the daily beetle food,

of course the beetle is very fond of the shoots of flowers, in every there haruman, that's where there are beetles that suck buds Flowers

then this is where my story on this night, may be useful for us all, nothing else and no, this interest I dedicate to you all, May you like it

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