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We have more flowers to show you today.
Enjoy while you can, because tomorrow I should have something a little different.

For now. We have something very pretty to look at and a little different.
Very prickly to the touch. Ha

I know very little about flowers or their names.
I just know that many are very pretty to look at.

For some reason today. I am not in a talkative mood.
Just showing the pretty flowers that I have seen.

So many. But I will show some contrast of color here.

Let's take a break now.
Looking out the window at one of the local restaurants.

As old as I am. I should qualify for one of the handicap mirror cards.
See that open space in the photo below? I could use that. Ha
I think I will apply when I get to be 150 years old.
The office personnel would take one look at me now and say.
"Get out of here." There isn't anything wrong with you.
Even though I am the oldest man that I know of.
Very few older. lol

But back to our flowers. That trip didn't get me anything to save some steps. Ha ha

Is this our last "flower date?" I hope not...........
No, not Floyd Cramer's "Last Date." Even though I like it a lot.
Let Annie Murray sing. She has been one of Canada's finest singers.

Added to YouTube by: SuperStrawberry85--Published on Sep 28, 2010
She sings so well and I have listened to her singing for many years.

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Wow wonderful color mix flowers . it is really look . such a great article .
this is great photography and nice work.
Thanks @francisk
have a great day.

it is a beautiful photography! thanks for sharing

Very pretty, smooth, colorful and prickly flowers . All are awesome .

Thank you


I've never seen a plant like this

It grows in hot weathers as desert? because in my coutry it's difficult to find something like that in nature around us. Regards

Ya it's different flowers . All are wonderful .
Thanks and enjoy walking

@francisk, So fabulous flowers everywhere and nice founded multi coloring images. Environment so colorful with indeed flowers. Lovely song to heat finally. Thanks for the best advice.

Woow, really colorful flowers with photographs.Actually you have very good eyes,for seen Artifacts images.

I try to see if I can find anything interesting.
Most of the time I do. But capturing it to post is a little tougher sometimes.
Thank you


Photography is very wonderful you are a distinctive photographer and successful
The roses are the most important things that draw the smile, and give comfort and optimism in their bright colors and attractive smells. When we bring roses, this indicates his place in our hearts and how important he is.😍

Thank you for the words and wisdom.
I will try to remember it.


Wow they do look really beautiful and today like you said we are seeing much more flowers than usual.Very nicely taken shots buddy.

The 1st one is the best !

Thank you


really very wonderfull dear friend.. @francisk every flower really very attractive beauty of your photography.this road car picture obviously excellent..i know your heart very big and fresh.because everytime giving nicemusic video in your blog.what,s a combination awesome flower and nice song.. your first flower just mindblowing.. very well done. best of luck of your great work..all the best.. IMG_0833.JPG my dear friend @francisk

Looks good.

Hello @francisk, what beauty of flowers, I do not know which to choose, I'm going to imagine, make a nice bouquet and I'll keep it in a vase in my room.
I hope you liked the one I gave you yesterday, you saw how it opens, it very nice, and I give it to you, because you are very gentlemanly and kind.
Happy day:)

Yes, I did enjoy looking at that unfolding rose.
It is so late for me now.
I had to try to remember.
Thank you


Wow....Beautiful starting with most beautiful flowers and nice finishing with impressive song @francisk. Intermediate level so fabulous flowers instead.Just excellent.

Such a awesome photographer you...Every time you share so lovely photo....This photo looking so lovely....

beautiful flowers sir! in my garden I have the purple, I love they are like a velvet: D thanks for sharing

Truely you have made my day sir thanks a lot for sharing.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.
Today has been one rough day for me.


Amazing flowers sir i really loves your work a lot.

Awesome Photography dear friend i am so proud of you.

I think it is just the opposite. I am proud of you.
You have been supporting my work for many weeks/months now.
Thank you


Always a delight to enjoy your post's so nice and amazing fun this is awesome post :D)

Really nice. so very beautiful flowers . i love it and amazing .


Awesome flowers sir they are so beautiful sir thank you so much sir.

Awesome flowers sir
They are so beautiful sir
Thank you so much sir.

                 - melianasagita

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Beautiful photography @francisk.
Amazing video and great work.
Nice post.
The nature is looking so beautiful.

if you get a free time please have a look at my post

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a great day! 💕

Oh yeah, today is a holiday of flowers and your photos are simply adorable, it's very beautiful! Thank you @francisk

Awesome blog post sir great flowers and i love it.

Great work sir i appriciate it and have a great day sir.

Thank you for your support.
I appreciate it.


Mind blowing lyrics indeed you tube video stunning mine. Extremely superiors flowers images here. I'm amazing to see lot of colors in your area. Have a nice day.

Great exhibition of work from you,following you,see you soon.

What beautiful photos, I love those colors so radiant ... Thanks for the post.

Hey, @francisk Your photo shot is simply amazing. Really great work my dear friend and I am glad to seen your daily post .many many thanks for sharing with us your interesting post.

Wow wonderful flowers . best photography

Wow Excellent camera shots and really look flowers.
100% like and resteem

Fabulous post @francisk. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. All the flower pictures is amazing. Nice shots!!☺
Especially, sunflowers🌻
I love sunflower .
Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.


Such a beautiful photography . Thanks for sharing . Resteem your post

Very spoil the eyes and red spiny flowers are very remarkable.

Really very beautiful photography! thanks for sharing. @francisk

The flowers are very fascinating and provide extraordinary beauty.

The flowers are looking exquisite and pretty and all the credit goes to your photography skills

Nice photography!!
its cool!!

that's great reflection.

Such a wonderful exhibition of flowers @francisk.

Amazing photographs sir thanks a lot for sharing.

Cool and amazing flowers sir.

lovely flower picture

vivid photography!!.................thank

I think the yellow flowers stand out more than others, then the flowers come with red tones. Both are amazing, of so many classifications of flowers that there are in the world, it would be difficult to know the name of each one.

drizzling beauty

You are amazing awesome imapact creator on us great work @francisk.

It looks like you have a double reply for this post.
It is so easy to do that.
Thank you.


You know I love flowers, Francis! These are extraordinarily beautiful. You know, you are as old as you feel. You, Francis, are young at heart.