Flowers that Have Deadly Poisons

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Hi all friends steemians? Never heard of this one JELALATAN flower, it is said that this flower is a deadly poison.


This time I try to present with flowers full of question marks, yes JELALATAN Flowers. Many people believe that this flower is poisonous and can cause death to the person who holds it. But the reality is not the case, JELALATAN flowers only make it temporary itchy if we hold it. How come? Because this flower has small spiky and sharp fur fibers. So I suggest that one day you see flowers like in a photo so you should just avoid it.


JELALATAN flowers are found in the interior or inside the jungle or jungle. This one flower habitat is indeed forest and forest. But now this flower is starting to be planted by some residents for souvenirs only. And usually this flower is restored in such a way that we cannot touch it. Yes, it's all just safety. So if you are not familiar with this one flower, then it is best not to plant it to avoid the danger.

Now that's a little discussion of me about JELALATAN flowers that are full of mysteries, hopefully it will benefit you all. Thank you to those of you who have visited and read this blog or article. I expect criticism and suggestions. And be a man of criticism and manners so that people respect you.

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