Red Bird of Paradise In Arizona

in flowers •  5 months ago

These are very common in Arizona and don’t really require any additional water. I usually cut the old growth back in March and then at this point it is really sprouting up and blooming.

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Beautiful @brianphobos. I think you lost your calling as a Botanist :)


Your right. Once when I was little I transplanted some wild flowers from the woods and then peed on them to water them and they still lived. But that was Indiana. Here in Arizona you have to fight the land pretty hard sometimes to keep things alive.

I know that tree, it gives a good looking flower which is good to put on roadside and can compete with cherry blossoms in terms of being attractive.


Yeah the great thing is I dont' have to water them. They can hold up to the Arizona heat as well.

Bunga yang sangat indah, dan esteem