pelung flower and asoka flower with 2 colors

in #flowers7 months ago

pelung flower and asoka flower with 2 colors. red and yellow. for the first look, I'm displaying purple flowering pelung flowers. I have never seen this flower before. I'm also not sure if the name of this flower is pelung. but many friends say this is a mop flower. This flower looks very beautiful. I really like this flower.



purple and yellow in the petal. looks beautiful to look at. the yellow color looks like a flashing light. there are also those who say that this flower is quite rare.

for the second photo is a needle flower

it's easy to get to know a needle flower. can be seen from the number of flowers growing. this flower thrives. although not treated, these flowers can also grow. because this flower has large roots and stems. each flower plant has large roots and stems, it will be able to survive in both seasons. both rain and dry. during the dry season, these flowers are able to store water in large stems and roots to absorb water in the soil.



now many people are planting these flowers in their backyards. besides being able to cool the air, this flower is also good enough to see. only this flower can be addressed tonight. I hope you all healthy.


Beautiful flowers that the ceation of God offers us Congratulations, thank you for exposing them.

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