Beautiful flowers and indah sekali bunga di saat malam hari

in #flowers5 years ago

The young man seemed to murmur to himself, "Why is this beautiful flower growing so many sharp thorns? Of course this will make it difficult for me to take care of it later, every time I put my hands in, I always have my hands hurt.Always there is a part of my skin that is scratched. this job just makes me sick.I will not let my hand bleed because of these disruptive spikes. "

Eventually, this young man seemed reluctant to notice his rose. He began to not care. The rose was never watered again every morning and evening. She let the grass disturb the growth of the rose. Its previously blossoming petal is now looking wistful. The leaves that grow in each stalk began to fall one by one. Finally, before it develops perfectly, the flower mingles and withers.


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