PhotoContest by Flamingirl

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There's this a flower contest by @flamingirl. If you wana be part of it, click here.


Here is a flower i took earlier last year and with my smartphone too. I don't own a DSLR but intend to get one soon as my passion for photography is growing wildly.

I spotted these flowers somewhere in mama's farm. Well, the flowers were so pretty and irresistible. In order to be more creative, i sprinkled some water on them. So the final shot would look a bit out of the ordinary.


Yes!! It worked.
After spicing the photos up with lightroom and Snapseed, my favorite editting applications. It was completely beautiful....right?

What's your own story?
Take a flower photo today and participate in @flamingirl 's contest... Beautiful prices to be won. Don't loose out!!

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