My entry for the 🌸FLOWER POWER PHOTO CONTEST BY FLAMINGIRL🌸 Wednesday: Cyclamen(花卉照片大赛_周三)

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Hello dear Steemians,

This is 3rd day I join the Flower Power Contest hosted by @flamingirl. I’m so excited to join this contest as I’m a plantaholic. Today I think to share with you an attractive flower photo which is Cyclamen sp.

The Cyclamen sp. flower is so beautiful and inspired me. It is bright and delicate with aroma fragrance. When they are placed together in large numbers, they form a stunning scenery like a fairyland.

Cyclamen flowers can be grown in temperate countries and have good cold tolerance. It likes semi-shadowing, plenty of moisture and well-drained soil.

Last but not least, I would like to say thanks @flamingirl initial the Flower Power Photo Contest. All the flower photos posted by the participants are very beautiful, and all good job!

*the photo taken by Samsung Galaxy A7.



很快,星期三了!今天让我和你们分享一幅观赏花卉的照片。它的植物名称是仙客来Cyclamen sp.




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仙客来 - 这客人是仙人来到访!


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