First flowers of the new year..

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In the last month, the weather in Belgium has been quite varied.
First, we experienced a cold snap with frosty northern winds and lots of snow, followed by a few weeks of one storm after the other.

Then, the tables turned a full one hundred eighty degrees with the last couple of days nothing but sun, crystal clear skies and mild temperatures that you could really enjoy, when you were out of the shadows that is. :-)

Nature surely took its advantage of this early taste of spring, with different kinds of flowers popping out of the ground everywhere.

Here are some of the pictures I made of them ;

'Crocuses' ('Crocus')

'Snowdrop' ('Galanthus')

'daisy' ('Bellis perennis')

'birdeye speedwell' ('Veronica persica')

'birdeye speedwell' ('Veronica persica')

(foreground ; 'Snowdrop', background ; 'Crocuses')

Camera device details ;

Sony - DSC-W830 20.1-Megapixel Digital Camera (photos : 1, 2, 3, 6)

The other photos (4, 5) were made with a Motorola E4 Plus Smartphone.

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Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing a wide variety of first flowers.


You're welcome :-) I'm glad to do so. I didn't now myself that there are so many different flowers already in this time of the year.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Saffron grows right under your feet, it's cool!


And to think this spice is so expensive while it's freely to find in nature nearby. Happy to hear from you!

Upvoted and followed.

I am so happy that winter is almost over :-D

Wonderful shots :-)


Thank you :-) Glad to hear i have a new subscriber to share my work with! I can enjoy any season, but i have to agree that the beginning of spring is a very lovely time of the year.

beautiful flowers


Nature is quite an artist. :-) Glad to hear from you!

How lovely those flowers are. New fresh start. :)


They sure are. They smell awesome too :-) A great time to be outside!

Really colorful flowers refresh mind to everyone like it. Just love your post. Nice photography also.


Time to recharge ourselves with the free energy nature is giving us! :-) Thank you for your feedback!

beautiful there s nothing like nature waking up


That's true! whatever happens in this world, nature produce it's awesomeness anyhow :-)

Congratulations @barber78!
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