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On a trip to Vietnam, I am very impressed with this flower. Through my studying, I was very surprised to know that it is the flower country of Vietnam: Lotus
一次到越南旅行,这种花 对我留下非常深刻的印象。通过我的理解,我非常惊讶地知道它是越南的国花:莲花

Lotus is the flower that symbolizes the nobility, resilience, indomitable of the people of Vietnam. The lotus flower grows out of the swamp but is not dirty. The lotus still retains the pure aroma as the saying of Vietnamese folk song: "near the mud but not muddy smell". Like the Vietnamese people, through the bloody wars retains the national spirit, the iron will against the enemy. The lotus has always been a very new and lively subject in literary works and architectural works of Vietnamese people from the past and deserves to be the national flower of Vietnam - a heroic nation.



Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=d%C4%91%E1%BA%A7m+hoa+sen&rlz=1C1HLDY_viVN731VN731&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjkwq7f6KDVAhVBxoMKHYktCfUQ_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=901#imgrc=XEvpTh_deKjTcM:

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wow wooww wooowww amazing photo @tuyetthi. What's that name ? In my country Indonesia called Teratai. I do love that flower. Teratai grow up on the water in the pool, right. it have pink and white color, so amazing. If one day I have my own house, I will build a pool and cultivate Teratai.
Thanks so much to share the inspirative post @tuyetthi... have a nice day :-)

yes, That is also my favorite photo

Best look beck,..how to see up..greates...

No, it's just an artwork.
Art is to see and to imagine. If you show it all then it is no longer an art

love vietnam...thx for amazing pictures.

Great post!! Vietnam must be a great country.

Wow beautiful photos! 😲 Who is the girl in the picture?? Be careful about posting pictures if you don't own them.

Thanks for your reminder
On top I wrote the source that i copied
Is it okay?

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Honestly, I'm a new member , so I do not know what do you mean
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Lovely post, Thank you for sharing,I invite you to visit my blog!

yeah, of course!

Beautiful photos, following you

That was lovely. :)

So beautiful:-)

i'm glad you love it

@tuyetthi..u are loking so beutifull..like a sun in the morning. And like a moon in the night..nice to meet u mrs..dont forget to follow me..and vote my post..i really want to be friend u..thank u sister..nice to meet u..may u be the best in this steemit


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where is your 1729 posts ? i can see anything...

I reply other's post, so my blog only 2 post, hhihii

So beautiful and amazing.
I like this page.

Beautiful post dear

U have only two post on ur blog dear okay anywhere follow me also and always upvote n comments I m also doing same

It's beautiful, I love your work @tuyetthi

Beautifully captures photos. I loved it

This is so beautiful!

very pretty post. glad I looked.

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, I always wondered what the lotus flowers' buds look like. Thank you also about sharing the wonderful spirit of the people of Vietnam.

Spectacular photos and art works I followed and upvoted :)

Hey :)
What an amazing drawing.. and so lovely pictures..
..really beautiful...! :)

Hi @tuyetthi - these are wonderful images and beautiful artwork to showcase the Lotus flowers of Vietnam. Great ...

... but be careful with copyright. (a global link to the search results is not enough). You actually have to find ownership / copyright information for each individual image (at times there will be a common license (i.e. free for non-commercial use), but sometimes these are not to be used without permission.... just a tip for the future :-)

wow, thank for your recomment.
I will note for more

Amazing post. I really like the photos in your post. Very beautiful, just like you @tuyetthi

Beautiful flowers it's amazing :)

veru beautiful! :-)

Wow.. Supper pictures.
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very beautiful flowers tuyetthi . upvoted you :)
keep sharing :)

wauw...i like it

Gorgeous Lady, fantastic composition... keep Steeming beautiful

beautiful photos!!! upvoted&followed :) look at my photos of flowers :)

nice photos...upvoted and followed you

I love pink flower really nice

Amazing beauty and art

i'm glad u like it

beautiful images! love the flowers!

Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful flowers and pictures.

Very nice! I never realized how beautiful the flowers were in Vietnam. I went there for my friends wedding a while back but didn't have a chance to go sightseeing :(

oh, it was a pity
No problem, now you can see it through my blog

These pictures are incredible. So aesthetic <3

I like it..Thanks for sharing

Beautiful pictures, really like it. I have also been in vietnam and was fascinated from the lotus flower @tuyetthi

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Excellent work congratulations dear friend @tuyetthi, thank you very much for sharing these beautiful pictures

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