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in flower •  7 months ago

Some guys send a dozen roses... mine does a dozen times better than that!


We don't do much in the way of cut flowers around here. Instead, we grow glorious blooms that live out their natural lives outside in the sunshine.

This year, the roses are going crazy! Hundreds of flowers covering a rosebush that's about six feet tall and ten feet wide. It's a rose riot!

Seeing how well they've done, I decided to plant four more rosebushes at the corner of the property - the start of a hedge of sorts. Bonus points for Zombie Apocalypse prepping... you don't want a telltale fence around your property, which practically advertises that you're prepared. Instead, grow roses in a hedge. While the zombie horde might not flinch at being scratched by thorns, because, you know... their nerves aren't exactly sensitive to pain anymore, bad guys might just keep going to a home that doesn't come with the promise of pain.

Hey, a girl's gotta think about these things, right?

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Your thoughts are unusual, Pictures of flowers are very beautiful. thanks for @steemitpatina


Chuckle... you don't know the half of it!

Absolutely!! I am going to have to show my husband this haha. I always talk about prepping for the zombie apocalypse (most of the time he just looks at me like I am crazy) and now I can totally justify growing roses as well for it. Gold


See? That's what I'm talking about, folks! ZA happens, and you might be tempted to flee to @jodytabs and me... but don't forget the roses!