Flower looks refreshed and charming while dew on it!

in flower •  2 months ago

Dew collapse on flower in night.That looks great.If you take snaps by flash in night,dew looks like diomond.
If the flower has amazing aroma and also it is dew soaked then take the adventures to experience the aroma of that flower,you must be refreshed and charmed.
Some shots of flower .
Those shots taken in night__

Snap taken by Canon EOS 700D
North 24 PGS,West Bengal,India

Flower:Unknown to me




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Nature is what is it.. Even we don't know about the plants but still they admired us..Lovely photography.

very nice flowers

Really looks like diamond. I have white flowers in my garden which you shown in last but can you tell the name of amazing one? I this smell also amazing.

I admire your thinking. The innovative idea of taking pictures of flowers at night time when dew is there. This is what only creative mind-set people can think and do.
Enjoying the natural beauty and sharing the same with others.
And the picture quality is very good and very beautifully taken. And we able to see on the picture's what you want us to share.
Please do post such much more beautiful Pic. Keep it up

wow beautiful pictires @ripa ... thanks for the posting