Nymphaeaceae (Shapala)

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Nymphaeaceae (Shapala) is a type of aquatic plant of the pods tree family.All the plants in this family are known as Shapala.
The white Nymphaeaceae flower is the national flowers of Bangladesh . This flower is usually seen in the Indian sub-continent.This plant has been spreading in different areas since ancient times. In Thailand and Myanmar this flower is very popular in pond and garden decoration. White Shapala is found in ponds and lakes of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar etc.
This flower is also seen in Papua New Guinea and some areas in Australia. This flower is seen as a farming land, so is the wild area.
This flower is seen in small water accumulated in the rice fields. About 35 species of this plant have been found in the world.


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