Ishrat usually disbursed false info through antiterrorism threats and media social media.

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How tough it's to marry, however on paper it's his second wedding. Initially, Ishrat aforesaid that Kabir Nayeem Kumari on the QT unbroken the previous wedding secret. once seven days of wedding, Ishrat used pressure on her husband and vulnerable him for the discharge of Kabban's two.5 million. however her husband is unable to afford such a lot cash, as a result of all the tortures of the ruler ought to be accepted.

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The extant family still survives a runaway from the victim's family. If a woman tortures her husband and her family, then what's the thanks to get obviate her? what number individuals square measure serving to a man? the principles of the law square measure restricted here. What to try to to then. Ishrat woman lodged four false cases. There square measure still three cases. currently he doesn't return to court. The boy's folks square measure sick .

The son's father is functioning in a very totally different government grade school officer, therefore the child's folks board another city. typically boys return to capital of Bangladesh to envision boys. The boy's father came back from the suspect within the court, offensive his heart and facing death. these days there square measure four ways in which to survive within the heart. however Ishrat's allegations that her relative-in-law or her was tortured.

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But they didn't live along in their relative-in-law, typically in capital of Bangladesh. Ishrat was excited only if Ishrat was attending to her husband's house and wished to travel to her needs. His arrival lasted solely four months. however I didn't skills long her relative-in-law had been tortured for therefore long.


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