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Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Since thousands of years ago this flower has been cultivated and included in various important rituals. Also become the main ingredient in making various types of perfume. Maybe you've heard that there are more than 100 species of roses known to the botanical world today. But have you heard interesting facts about other roses?

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Roses are flowers that belong to the type of thorn bush plants and also roses are propagating, rambatannya also can reach a height of 5 meters. but yes we rarely encounter rose roses that have such a high. The red rose is a flower that is considered to represent love, romance, beauty, and respect. Since ancient times, many people have expressed their feelings by giving them red roses. This flower is also popular on Valentine Day and Mother's Day.

Regardless of the red color, the rose itself is a charming and exotic flower. This plant has flowers with beautiful crown leaves with a variety of bold colors. Although the flowers are very beautiful and fascinating, but the stem of this plant is decorated with thorns. This is what adds to the exotic and challenging impression on the roses. Based on this uniqueness then then people analyze the beauty and courage of roses with romance and also a strong sense of affection in human relationships. No wonder that until now many people who use roses as decoration and a tool to express his love to others.

What happens when we think about the meaning of red? True, the red color symbolizes courage, burning ambition and also high spirits. The red color can also be seen as a symbol of happiness and strength.


So strong the energy brought red as previously described is of course very fitting if combined with roses that also has a strong criteria. This combination gives the meaning of red roses that are also very strong of course. Briefly, red roses can be interpreted as a symbol of love or a strong and vibrant affection. Because of this red rose philosophy many people then use red roses as one of the objects chosen to symbolize his love during a romantic moment. The fighters of both young and adult love many who use red roses when declaring love to prospective boyfriend or prospective spouse because the red roses are very precisely represent the feelings of their passionate and cheerful love.

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