You Are the River

in flow •  last year 

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It is the river that matters. You Are the River.

El rio debajo del rio,
there is a River beneath the river,
one that can never be destroyed….

From ‘the river beneath the river, ‘
I learnt to leap and keep going,
to catch the verve of shout places,
and if escape be needed,
to make myself fine as mist.
I learnt from rivers, that going to the edges
will lead to Plato’s cave,
that slots filled with debris often hold
the oldest grandfather trouts,
and that the middle of the river
like the middle of so much in life,
is often not the deepest.

From dams, after an hour’s pacing
atop those concrete shoulders,
there I learnt staidness and sameness,
and that seamless look that never changes
and holds the heart far back.

If it’s passion and vision,
invention and inoculation
I’ve needed,
I go to the rivers.

Poetry Credit: Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Phd

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