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in florida •  8 months ago

Salt water, or fresh, fishing in Florida is fun and relaxing! I would even say therapeutic! ()
I highly recommend it to cure stress, loneliness, boredom: anything that ails you. It is also an inexpensive hobby. I bought the rod that caught that bass for $13.00 at Walmart. The license was around $30. and probably another $30. in tackle and bait. Those are costs that don't have to be repeated every time you go. I caught that bass at sunset tonight! I was using live bait and he bite as soon as it hit the water. I weighed him and it was just shy of five pounds. I did release him, I have no interest in cleaning or cooking them. It was very exciting and actually made my night, or my mood for the whole evening was improved.
It is also nice that you can go alone, or with others. You usually meet people depending on where you go. Sometimes that is not what you want, but it is usually tolerable. I have only run into one obnoxious know it all. It's easy to move to the next spot if that happens.
I didn't want to skip a post so this is it! The thing that made my evening. A perfect end to a good day. I will try to attach a video but I have never done that, if there isn't one you'll know I couldn't get it attached.
The top picture is my son on a deep sea trip fifty miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, the other is me at a local park. No pixbay tonight!IMAG1115.jpg

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