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As you all know, Kerala is slowly recovering from the floods that ravaged our tiny state. who caused the floods is a matter of controversy and I am not going into it for now.

Funds poured into hands from all over the world. many of my relatives donated a huge amount which ran into thousands of rupees. Sadly, there are not many who actually received help, including our farmer and a lot of others like him who lost everything to the floods.

Help has been promised but it might take a lot of time.

Thanks to @tygertyger and her friends, I received a lot of help and we were able to buy stuff and donate it to the farmer and a few nursing staff whose houses were flooded. I also got a help from my friend from Punjab and the clothes she is sending will certainly go to those who have lost entire sets of clothes.

[Distributing a kit containing rice, wheat flour, tea, sugar, clothes, dal, and soaps- There were twenty kits and distributed to twenty families.]

I am happy that I decided to stick on to steemit even though times were rough at certain periods. I was not only able to get emotional support but also financial support too.

[ these were packed and distributed to the needy nurses who had lost all to the floods. ]

The immense support I received has been a great relief to me and my family and indirect help to a lot of families too.


I do hope that the funds received by the government are put to good use to rebuild the state. The roads are broken. Some of the roads have disappeared and some are beyond repair. In some places, even entire villages now lay buried due to landslides.

It is disheartening to see the once beautiful state in this condition.

It would be better to entrust private parties to rebuild the state than entrusting funds to corrupt officials.

I love my state and hope and pray that it is brought back to its complete glory once again and also hope that this is an opportunity to modernize roads and introduce world-class facilities so that it continues to be as attractive and useful as ever.

Kerala is where Ayurved and dance forms such as Kathakali and martial arts such as Kalaripayattu originated and spread all over the world.

I am proud of the people who are not complacent and are striving hard to rebuild the state.

A lot of people tried to divide the state by propagating hate messages and religious conflicts through social media but they were unsuccessful. The youth overcame it by spreading messages of love and unity - we shall overcome is the motto

The flood was a humbling lesson to all..

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I am sorry about you mother in law love <3 I am so glad that we could help a little <3


@carlgnash this is what the contest did :)



Thank you for doing this, it is really good to see the end result of aid actually being distributed - thank you for taking the initiative to help these people out. Much love - Carl


Tagging @mr-monk - thanks for donating your share of the contest winnings as well :)


Thank you so much for the great support. Along with you all, we could also be part of the service to the needy.