Flicker Network - DAG based currency aims at mass adoption - Decentralised, fair distribution, feeless, scalable and instant -

Finally the Flicker Network has started the free distribution of their currency. The DAG based project has already solved not only what legacy blockchain are lacking due to their architecture limitations, but has solved the main problem that pioneers in the DAG space like NANO and IOTA could not manage up to this point. The most crucial point "Fungibility" of their currencies.

Below you can see a chart that directly comparesFlicker to the frontrunners in the DAG space and privacy leaders like Monero.

What we love about this currency, is that their main goal is to drive adoption and a fair distribution of their native currency from day one.

99% of the currency will be freely distributed to the masses. This process has already started and can be claimed by each member that wants to join this revolution in the cryptocurrency space. The project is starting out with a distribution of the first 10% of the total supply by giving the currency out with a bounty system where you can do simple tasks like retweeting or following the Flicker Network on Twitter, Facebook and Medium.

Dont be fooled by their large total supply of 100 billion coins. This is the exact same cap that centralized currencies like Stellar Lumens have. The only difference is that Flicker actually scales to infinity, provides complete privacy, transactions confirm instantly due to DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) and the network is completely decentralized.

We are excited here at the DAG HUB to see how they will deliver on their promisses and wish them best of luck thoughout the distribution process aswell as with their exchange launch that is coming up very soon.

Until then we are keeping an eye out for this ambitious and very promising project. From the DAG HUB we say welcome to the DAG community.

If you want to learn more about the Flicker Network check out the links below:

Official Flicker Network: www.Flickernetwork.com

Flicker Network on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlickerNetwork

E-mail: [email protected]

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