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The rate at which digitalization is taking over the world is becoming alarming as new and improved equipment, tools and technologies are being developed and made a reality on daily basis.

It has made its own mark in the world by helping move the world to a greater level.
An example of these technologies, is the Blockchain Technology.

This technology was designed to better the lives of everyone who adopt and exploit it. It has promoted the global economic system, the Industry and every other system who chooses it.

A Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks linked together with cryptography, with the blockchain technology, information would be more secured, because its sophisticated nature, makes it impossible to manipulate.

Using the blockchain technology, our everyday lives has been impacted, greatly and has been made easy and seamless. With the blockchain technology the global economy and industrial sector will be improved.

The blockchain technology has been made in such a way it is impermeable to attack and modification of data, making it safe for use.
Moreover, this benefit are only realized by adoption, constant and active use of the technology.

Truly, the Blockchain technology is helping improve our standard of living, but the are some setbacks affecting the blockchain industry making it look incompetent and hindering it from manifesting its full potential to the world.

Some of the challenges involved are....

  • Dapps ( Decentralized apps developer) dependency rate

  • Slow rate of processing

  • High financial cost of production and operation.

  • Scalability issues

These challenges together have a great deal of effect on the use of the blockchain technology, thus preventing user's from actively enjoying it.
However, approaches has been made to tackle these problems...
One of the them is the development of a great platform to ensure the efficient use of the technology.


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Fleta is a blockchain based platform, whose focus is to set the blockchain industry free from the stronghold of the setback plaguing it, in order to make the industry reliable and interesting for the user's and the world at large.

When using the fleta platform, the processing speed won't be a problem as it transactions will be carried out at a very high speed, thereby making it enjoyable for the users.

The operation cost will also be reduced greatly so as to suit the users.

Scalability issues of the technology would be dealt with, with the aid of the fleta multi-chain which enables data-chain to expand when DAPPS are developing with it.

A new consensus mechanism has been developed by fleta which is far much better than the other consensus mechanisms.
It is called the proof of formulation. With this new model the generation of block and verification process would be easy and fast.

Considering all this benefits, Fleta will help make DAPPS independent and the the technology reliable.






Using the Fleta platform, the setbacks affecting the blockchain industry will be completely dealt with.

This shows that, the Fleta platform is what is needed at this moment to promote the use of the blockchain technology for users and the world at large, thus helping elavate the world to a greater and advanced level of development in all aspect.


Website : http://www.fleta.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@fletachain
Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain

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