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It is no news around the world, about the rate at which digitalization is taking over the world.

This owes to the fact that new and more sophisticated technologies are being developed and produced on a daily basis.
Digitization has taken it's root in the world system and has helped in elevating it to a higher level.

One of the important technologies aimed at doing this is the Blockchain Technology. A blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks, which are linked using cryptography.
By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.

It is also an open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verified and permanent way.

The blockchain technology was developed with the aim of improving the lives of anybody who exploit it.
This improvement could be felt in the industrial, financial and every other aspect of lives for those who adopt and exploit it.

With the blockchain technology, every aspect of our lives would be influenced in a positive way and is made easier, thus the world at large can enjoy unlimited benefits of the blockchain technology and the world economy would be more advanced.

Moreover, the are many more great benefit accrued to using blockchain technology but this is only achievable through adoption, efficient and constant usage of the technology.
Truly, this is good news to the world, but there are still challenges/barrier to the efficient use of this technology.

This barriers has made the blockchain technology look incompetent and unproductive, and hinder it from lifting the world to a greater height.
This challenges affecting the blockchain technology has actually discouraged a lot of users as well as industries from making good and efficient use of the blockchain technology and as a result, they are denied the great benefit accrued to using the blockchain technology.

Some of these challenges includes;

  • Scalability issues

  • High cost of operation

  • Decentralized Apps Developer (DAPPS) dependency rate

  • Slow processing speed

All these challenges and many more are the challenges affecting the blockchain technology, thereby reducing the interest of users in the industry.

These barriers altogether have plagued the blockchain industry which has dissuaded users and potential users from adopting and participating in the blockchain industry.......

All hope in the industry is not lost, this is due to the fact that new approaches and platforms are being developed to help tackle this problems which is haunting the industry.

One of such Platform is......


images (9).jpeg

Fleta is a blockchain system platform, whose objective is to liberate the blockchain industry from the grip of its challenges, making it more comfortable and reliable for it's users and potential users.

With fleta, the challenges which has plagued the blockchain industry will be eradicated.

Scalability will also be made possible, with the aid of fleta multi-chain which enables the data-chain to expand when Dapps are developed with it.

The processing speed won't be an issue on the platform as it will ensure a fast speed of operation.

The cost of operation will also be reduced and many more benefits will be made possible on the platform to ensure that the blockchain industry is competent, reliable and efficient for the users, potential users and the world at large.

With all these advantages achieved through using the Fleta platform, Fleta will make Dapps independent, so that it can be beneficial to Dapps developers and the world at large.






Fleta is truly the man of the hour, what is needed at this moment to boost the use of the blockchain technology as it provides necessary solution to the challenges/ barrier affecting the blockchain technology which would make it competent for use by the users, potential users and the world at large, thus helping to revive the world and it's various sectors.


Website : http://www.fleta.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@fletachain
Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain

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