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The fact that the world is fastly going digital has already been established, as new and more advanced technologies are being created and developed as the day passes by.

This digitilization which has emerged into the world today is actually raising the world's system to its peak.

One of the greatest technologies which has been advanced and refined the global system is the blockchain.

The blockchain system was birthed with the hopes and aims of improving the lives of anyone who adopts it. It has advanced the global financial system,the world sector, industries and every other system that has chosen to use it.

Because with the blockchain technologies, operation on every sector or every aspect of our lives is influenced in a positive way and are made flawless.... So that the entire human race can enjoy numerous benefits of their labours and the global economy will become more sophisticated.

So you see?, there is an unending list to the great and infinite benefits that's tied to the blockchain and is achieveable through its adoption and maximized usage.

But despite this, the blockchain system is still flawed in a number of ways...

This lapses has rendered the blockchain industry unproductive and had prevented it from catapulting the world to its peak and full potential.

The available blockchain platforms which are supposed to assist the world transition into the blockchain system and enjoy its benefits, are not living up to its full expectations, as they are still lacking in so many ways.

As a matter of fact, these setbacks experienced in the block chain platforms has actually created some form of apathy and discouragement as individuals, industries and the world at large refuse making use of it and as a result are denied it's benefits.

Let's now analyse some of this setbacks........


Some of the difficulties faced by the blockchain platforms are....

  • Slow transaction speed

  • Exorbitant cost of operations

  • Scalability issues, and

  • Dapps dependency rate.

All these are experienced in the other blockchain platforms and has crippled the blockchain industry, thereby taking away the chance global industries had at reaching it's peak.

Frankly, this is a disturbing issue for the world today, as it has created apathy in the people and industries from participating and adopting the blockchain system.

But there is still hope, as there is a platform which has the interest of the masses and global industries at heart.


images (1).png

FLETA is a blockchain system, which is aimed at liberating the blockchain industry from the decentralized apps developers (Dapps), miners as well as the users.

Fleta would ensure that all those blotch that has plagued other platforms will be erased,when using the Fleta blockchain platform.......

Scalability will be made possible with assistance from the fleta multi-chain, which enables the data-chain to widened when Dapps are developed on it.

Speed is not an issue on the Fleta platform as it will run a fast operation and at a low cost, in order to make the blockchain industry, beneficial to the users

Fleta has also developed a new and better consensus mechanism model, which is nothing like the proof of work(PoW) and proof of stake (PoS).

It will use the proof of formulation(PoF) which makes the generation of blocks and the verification process quick and easy.

With all this merit, Fleta will make Dapps independent, so that it can be beneficial to Dapps developers and the entire human race.






Fleta is truly a game changer for the blockchain industry as it seeks to give the Dapps developers, miners and users everything needed to make their operations a success, thereby bringing back to life into the blockchain system and raising the global economy to its peak.


Website : http://www.fleta.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@fletachain
Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain

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