The Ugly Side of Groupthink #flatearth insurrection

in flatearth •  9 months ago

Mobs are fickle, vain, vindictive, and unaccountable. Like every narcissist you've ever met.

I often see friends make the mistake of treating individuals engaged in groupthink as individuals. As though having a one on one sit down meeting with one of them can somehow moderate the mob. No. The MOB existed before the individuals who join it and it will exist after.

The mob mentality is the cultural default. It takes deliberate effort and hard choices to be an individual. Distinction comes with a high cost. The more dist-nct, that is, the more distance between one and the MOB, the greater the disdain it will have for one. Joining the MOB is easy. Being true to oneself takes effort.

Those who march in lockstep with Groupthink cannot be reasoned with. The MOB doesn't reason, nor do it's constituent parts. Perhaps one on one you'll have a semblance of decorum but that's only because the power balance is equalized. One on one.

When the MOB has numerical supremecy, that is, more FORCE, it wins. FORCE trumps logic and reason. Their ad hominem attacks constitute an intellectual blunt force.

Why bother? We've won the argument. We know what's up. Try and stop us. Unlike a MOB, the meta-tribe is not rigidly confirmist. Our UN-comformity, our distinctions, make us too disorganized and decentralized to stop. So good luck. Earth's Flat. Game over church ladies. We're done listening to your moral indignation.

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