Why does Flat Earth matter?

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Here's a picture of all 3 major government leaders wearing their Freemason wizard robes...

Watch the first part of this video with Eddie Bravo. He nails it..

Here's the clip with Ronald Reagan setting the stage for project blue beam new world order fake alien invasion.

The hardest part for people to understand is that ALL governments across the world are controlled by the hidden hand... This is a very slow incremental process... They've had soft control of the world for hundreds of years.. And now they're putting in the final pieces of a dystopian one world government similar to Bolshevik Russia, and communist China...

They were working on all the major world powers at the same time. United States, Russia, and China... China is in full lockdown... They're the test bed for the future of the world... They transferred most of our manufacturing and technology to China... And in the process demoralized a whole generation of Americans...

Even though all of these countries are supposedly at odds with each other they all abide by the Antarctica treaty??? That's because they're all controlled..


Liquid always seeks and maintains its own level. This simple device proves that the horizon will always be level... We could not have level liquid if we lived on a GLOBE...

This is how they make glass windows with molten tin ... At 3:30 it says:
(("the surface of any liquid is flawlessly flat"!!!))

Flat liquid equals Flat Earth

Even though the bookshelf is uneven the liquid in every bottle is perfectly level across the surface.,. This happens because we live on a flat level earth...

You should not be able to see the Chicago skyline from across Lake Michigan but here it is... The curvature at that distance should be nearly 2,000 feet??? You can also observe that the buildings form a perfect 90 degree angle with the water... A plumbline always forms a perfect 90° angle with standing water..

This is a must watch video if you want to understand the significance of revealing flat Earth... subscribe to Eric Dubay's Steemit and YouTube channels. We have to use alternative platforms because YouTube has resorted to draconian censorship to hide the truth about Flat Earth and 911... The Freemasons, the Catholic church, the Jesuits, Zionist jews, and the royal families are behind the globe Earth lie... Spend 10 minutes to change your mind and change the world!!!

Here's what YouTube did to the same video on Eric Dubay's channel... by the way this is his third Channel on YouTube. The previous two were shot down at 150,000, and 80,000 subscribers... I admire his tenacity... His new channel has 14,000 subs.. Please subscribe to both his YouTube and Steemit to show support..

Root of their power comes from controlling and printing money created from nothing... (((They))) control a (((Federal Reserve))) style central bank in every nation on Earth.. They've made themselves rulers of the world and forced humanity to loan money from (((them))) at interest... Usury is another form of slavery.. They've managed to corrupt and enslave the whole world by controlling the currency..

They've implemented a pyramid scheme of government in every nation on Earth... This allows them to control the world with a few people in key positions of government.. By the way government means mind control... The system only works if we comply and allow ourselves to be slaves!!! By revealing this system it allows people to awaken to this massive diabolical plan... With awareness comes non-compliance... This brings down the entire corrupt system!!!

(((They))) consider us cattle! They even call us Goyim which means cattle in Hebrew!!! They plan on using divide and conquer strategy to have us mutually destroy each other like they did in World War 1 and World War II... The goyim involved in Freemasonry are nothing but useful idiots!!! You're actually cutting your own throat by working with (((them)))... Once they've attained their one world order they will eliminate the useful idiots just like they did in Bolshevik Russia!!!

Freemasonry power structure is repeated send a free government across the world...

The system can't function without millions of useful idiots like Freemasons, police, military, mainstream media, astronauts, and teachers... Don't be part of promoting the globe Earth lie and enforcing corrupt laws for the New World Order... I'm not condemning everyone in those professions... A lot of them are good honest people... But they've been deceived by the powers that should not be... Stop enforcing their laws and promoting their lies and the whole system dies!!! They are trying to hide our creator... The Earth is the center of God's creation and he created man in his image.

I'll debunk the Big Bang, Evolution, and the globe Earth.. If you believe something complex and precise can be created from an explosion I have a mental experiment for you... Take apart a mechanical watch like a Rolex... Put the pieces into a cup... Shake them up and pour them on the table... Repeat this process 100 billion times... Do you think it would ever result in a fully functional assembled watch??? If you answer logically and honestly you would say NO... One human cell is a million times more complicated than that watch... No one has ever created life in a laboratory... I'm sharing this information out of love for humanity. I've dedicated thousands of hours of my time for the cause... If we don't stop them now there's no future for any of us... You'll find yourself and your children enslaved on the dinner plate of the satanic, pedophilic, cannibalistic, parasitic new world order SCUM!!!


it opened so many doors for sure, investigating this basic question. happy to tell you your blog made it into one of jamie's videos and so I found ya. Judging from what I read here you mean well, hope you are well.
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