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RE: Can flat earth coincide with reality?

in #flatearth4 years ago

I'm in the same boat. My dad has written multiple books on the FE and we sell gleason map posters and everything.. I just can't reconcile it as Truth. I understand people want to study it all and it is there prerogative. Still, much needs to be revealed.


why do you sell gleason maps if you know it's not anything like the true shape of the earth?
who's your dad, where can i get his books (if i haven't read them already..)?
have you come across 'free anergy' on youtube yet? he has excellent videos and a great theory of '4D' flat earth.

he is very convicted of it. i support every viewpoint as long as it defends the viewpoint of The Creator being our Saviour

is zen your dad?
i had a good chat with him about the circle/ square biblical earth last year, though he never put it on the radio for some reason.
Jesus is our saviour. God's begotten son.

It is likely on his youtube channel endeavor freedom. Shalom. May grace and peace be upon you always in The Messiah's Name amen.

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