in flatearth •  9 months ago

There is no need for an all inclusive explanation; just perception of reality without the SPIN.

There is no need for a divine fallacy, a God of the gaps, or a Gravity-glue reality-patch to explain what needn't be explained.

Advancing ANY model, especially the PAC-MAN Model, is premature at this time. The more novel the model, the more those advancing it will be accused of confirmation bias. The duller their Occam's Razor, the more assumptions built into the model, the less seriously it will, and should, be taken.

I propose that we embrace "post-model-ism", a more nuanced and agnostic approach, which is what "post-globe thought" is all about. #Globexit is a mental secession from, and a concientious objection to, a number of bad ideas with a common core: statolatry.

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Except that the earth being a sphere is reality. It is a very smart idea to align your thoughts with reality. You ignore reality at your own peril.